The Prince of Peace

Welcome to a year of the Prince of Peace, JESUS!

God shall restore. I shall renew. We shall revive! (2021-2023).

A year in which God's continuing Restoration, Renewal & Revival in a Decade of Truth (2020-2030) offers the PEACE of the Gospel to all believers and to all in the pandemic world in which we live. 

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King Solomon's Gifts, Calling & Yours (Part 2)

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Alpha Course: Life & Meaning - The Big Questions Answered

BiMAL (Biblical Management and Leadership Institute)

BiMAL is a non-denominational Institute that focuses on The Holy Spirit & The Holy Scripture. Faith Seeking understanding. It consists of Curriculum & Course Units Development, Biblical Research & Kingdom Development, International College Of Overseers & Bishops, ICOOB, Australian School Of Ministries, AUSOM, African School Of Ministries, AFRISOM and College of Governance & Business Ministries, CGBM. 


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